Knanaya Catholis Women's Association is an association  established for the welfare of the women in the Knanaya Community. This association works in the parish level with the aim of promoting the welfare of the  women folk. They arrange  various programs to impart awareness in various fields. Also it creates facilities for the women to be socially oriented women through  the intervention in the various social issues.

A branch of this association functions here for many years here.

Present Office Bearers:

  1. President:                        Prof.   Tessy Xavier Valiyaveettil.
  2. Vice-President:               Mrs.   Sulu Tomon   Ottayil
  3. Secretary:                        Mrs.   Shiny Roy Achettu
  4. Joint Secretary:              Mrs.   Lousy Johny Arackal
  5. Treasurer:                       Mrs.   Aniyamma Babu Pullanappally

For more information you can contact the president.