Kudumba Yogam


Thiruhrudaya Kudumbayogam is an association of all the families of S H Mount Monastery Parish Church. It began on 10th December, 1983 with the permission and blessings of H. G. Mar Kuriakose Kunnacherry. The activities of the association are based on the bye law approved from the office of the Arch Diocese of Kottayam. Rev. Dr. Luke Puthrukayil, Chev. P M John Pullappallil was the first Director and President respectively.

Objectives: (1) To foster among the parishioners the love and sharing and unity of the first Christian community described in the Acts of the Apostles. (2) To put into practice the idea that parish as whole is a large family. (3) To work for stabilising the deep-rooted catholic faith and sacramental life among the parishioners. (4) To help to keep up and follow the unity, traditions, customs and rituals of Knanayites and thereby increase the love and attachments towards the Knanaya Community. (5) To work for developing the spiritual, social, cultural, financial, intellectual and physical abilities and skills of each individual in the parish. (6) To work for upholding harmony and goodwill among the parishioners and make the parish a loving community.

Structure: The Arch Bishop of Kottayam Arch Diocese is the patron and the Vicar of S H Mount Monastery Parish is the director and all families that are registered in the parish register of S H Mount parish are members of Thiruhrudaya Kudumbayogam. All the families are divided into 6 wards and each ward has a committee consisting of elected President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer. These representatives from all the 6 wards form the Central committee. The central committee will elect the Central President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer. These five Central committee officials and the presidents from the wards form the Central Executive committee. The central president and vice president will be selected from among the presidents of wards. Joint Secretary must be a lady. The committee will work for a period of two years. The Central President can be in office for a period of not more than two terms in succession.

Meetings: To facilitate the activities of the Kudumbayogam, ward meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month and the central committee on the third Sunday. The central executive is also held at least once in a month. Prayer meetings are held in the wards occasionally and annual general body meetings are conducted and the annual report and accounts are passed.

Action Plans: (1) Activities for the spiritual ad psychological growth of the members. (2) Action for helping poor patients and down trodden people. (3) Plans for encouraging the co curricular and extracurricular skills and abilities of students. (4) Plans for keeping up religious harmony, social commitment and unity among the people.

Activities: (1) On 26th of January every year we conduct a pilgrimage on foot to the sepulchre (tomb) of the Servant of God Mar Mathew Makkil at the Forane Church, Edakkttu. (2) On special occasions we bring those people, who are aged and disabled, to the parish church and church ceremonies and classes are conducted for them and they are honoured. (3) On Friday evening in the 50 day fasting period, we arrange “Pachor Nrecha”. This is done ward wise after the way of cross. (4) On every Good Friday evening conduct ward wise “padayathra” commemorating the way of cross. (5) Conduct special prayers in the month of May at St. Mary’s Grotto and a grand feast is arranged on 31st May. (6) Honoured the students from the parish who are the top rankers in the S S L C & Higher Secondary Examinations and given cash awards. (7) Give financial aid to the patients from the parish that are laid up with mortal diseases. (8) Give financial aid to the poor and needy students from the parish. (9) Visit the houses of the people where death has occurred, pray for the departed souls and actively participate in the funeral. (10) Celebrate Onam, Christmas etc with competitions and other colourful activities. (11) Conduct classes and awareness programmes based on different topics. (12) Conduct Tours & Pilgrimages. (13) Conduct foot ball tournament once in two years with teams from different parishes in the Arch Diocese. (14) Celebrate the anniversary of the Kudumbayogam once in two years with competitions in arts, sports and games and prizes and trophies are given away.

Former Presidents: (1) Chev. P M John Pullappallil (2) Sri K K George Koppuzhayil (3) Sri Thomas John Koppuzhayil (4) Sri M C Peter Madaparambath (5) Sri K J Mathew Madona (6) Sri M K Abraham Chelackal (7) Sri P G Joseph Thyparambil (8) Sri Jose John Pookumbel (9) Sri Mathew Philip Edappallil, (10) Sri Jimmy Thomas Pullanappallil.

Present Central Committee office bearers

President: Sri Thomas John Mangalathettu (Ward 1); Vice Presient : Sri Saji T K Thuruthikkattu (Ward 3); Secretary : Sri Luvis Mathew Elamkulathu (Ward 1); Joint Secretary : Smt Lissie Baby Powathparambil (Ward 6); Treasurer : Sri Jain P. George Pulimoottil (Ward 4).