K.C.Y.L S.H.Mount Unit


KCYL is the youth wing of the Knanaya Catholic  Society  in the arch diocese of Kottayam. All who are more than 15 years and less than 30 years old  can become member of the KCYL. It aims at  youth formation in the spirit of catholic faith basing on the traditions of the Knanaya Society. The K.C.Y..L of this parish has got about 50 active members who currently live here and more than 50 members who  stay outside the parish for higher studies.

The executive members of the K.C.Y.L  S.H.Mount Unit are

  1.   Fr.Thomas Keenthananickal  (Chaplain0
  2.   Sr.  Nicole svm     sister advisor
  3.   Mr. Sajan Philip Mammazhaparambil  ( Unit director)
  4.   Jomon Johnson  Pullukat (Unit President)